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Maintain a safe environment for employees and customers with the latest in thermal temperature “Fever detection” and people flow management solutions.


i Security are experts at installing this state of the art technology that can help you maintain the safety of your staff and visitors.


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Fever Detection Temperature Alert

Fever Detection Solution

Using thermal cameras can be used as your first line of defence for efficiently detecting an elevated body temperature, this discreet and effective way of identifying individuals that need further screening. We have deployed solutions to a variety of oganisations including factories, food manufacturing and education facilities to provide  staff and visitor  health and screening.


  • Automatic real time detection of individual skin temperature
  • Can measure upto 30 individuals simultaneously
  • Accurate upto 0.3 Degrees C at 3 Meters
  • Ability to sound Alarm or send discreet notification

Face mask & body temperature access control

The all in one temperature screening access control solution

Utilising proven face recognition technology, Hikvision has developed a stand alone access terminal which can connect to your existing controlled door or turnstile. The system is a hands free access control system that is easy to manage and brings the added “back to work” features of temperature screening and optional mask detection.

Once your employees pictures are added to the database, providing they do not have a temperature they can enter through into the protected area.

Perfect for

  • Internal entrance doors  – Using Face recognition to let staff gain access unless they have a high temperature. Warning any person who isn’t wearing a mask to “Please wear a mask” while still allowing entry.
  • Next to the reception desk just used for temperature checks.
  • Multiple unmanned entrances with alerts being sent a manager’s office if anyone reads a high temperature.


this rapid deployment only require a plug socket to allow temperature screening so waiting for installation, call now for your no obligation quote!

Density Control Solution

Designed to control the number of people in a public place,

With current restrictions that look to remain in place for the foreseeable future, and the requirement to control the number of people within a public place. Hikvision have created a density control solution utilising there tried and tested people counting camera and a traffic light system to control the flow of people in and out.

The solution which is computer controlled can be deployed on a single or on multiple entrance exit doors, The flow of people is managed automatically based on the pre dfined number allowed in the premises at one time.The information is relayed onto monitors located at each entrance.

key Benefits

  • Single or Multiple Doors
  • Real Time Display
  • Alarm triggered when over allowed number
  • Full reporting of numbers and footfall.
  • Re-usable solution post lockdown providing details footfall analysis


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