i Security, is an accredited security Alarm installation company based in Bolton.
We Design, Install, maintain and Repair professional security systems for business and residential properties

Prestige Residential Alarm Systems


I Security specialise in installing and maintaining high level security alarm systems for prestige family and residential homes.  Understanding the importance of confidentiality, I Security are the number one trusted electronic security company in Bolton, Wigan and Chorley

When choosing the correct alarm system for your home, you can be assured that I Security will implement a comprehensive residential security risk assessment, ensuring that your home is fitted with the perfect security system solution for protection of your home and family. Police Response or Key holding  Security Response are just some of the systems enjoyed by our clients.

Prestige Residential Home Security System Alarm

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Monitoring is one of the best ways to protect your property,

When your monitored alarm is triggered by an intruder, a Signal is sent to the ARC (Alarm Receiving Centre), Once received they respond swiftly by contacting you or your nominated keyholders straight away, as this is a person and not a machine they will not stop trying to contact you or your key holders until they have actioned a response.

Monitoring can also give you reporting such as open and close times for your site, and nitfy you if you have failed to set the alarm or have not disarmed it by a certain time.

Police Response takes monitoring a step further,

When your monitored Alarm is triggered, the ARC contacts the police using your Unique reference Number and the Police attend your property as well as your nominated key holders. Alarm calls to the police are treated as priority 1 response, as they are only sent once an intruder is confirmed.

Key holding Response

For the ultimate peace of mind, you can enlist the services of a key holding company, they will receive the call from the ARC in the event of an alarm and respond swiftly. They will attend your site or property and deal with anything that may of occurred, including organising locksmiths and securing your property. You’re then able to return to a secure property knowing that everything has been taken care of. i security can advise you of your local key holding companies that we work with.

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